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The invention describes a method of updating content of a portable device (1) with a file system (14) for managing the content (F1, F2, ..., Fn), an associated file system table (2), and a content database (3) for presenting the content (F1, F2, ..., Fn) according to content metadata (M1, M2, ..., Mn), which method comprises establishing a connection between the portable device (1) and a main device (4), replicating at least part of the current file system table (2) to give a primary file system table replica, modifying the content (F1, F2, ..., Fn) of the portable device (1) by means of the main device (4), comparing the modified file system table (2’) to the primary file system table replica (2) and updating the content database (3) of the portable device (1) on the basis of the comparison results.